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If you are planning a project which involves works to the ‘Party Wall’ (Party Wall is a wall shared by two owners of two properties) This mainly applies to terrace or semi-detached properties) or if you are building an extension with new deeper foundations within 3 mts. or 6mts of the adjoining owners wall; you may need to serve ‘Party Wall Notices’ under the Party Wall etc. Act. 1996. This may affect your project works and time-scale. Normally a Party Structure Notice has a time frame of two months and a Section 6 notice has a time frame of one month.
Arc 3 strives to provide a service that assists both the Building Owners and the Adjoining Building Owners. Once you appoint the ‘Principal’ to act as your Party Wall Surveyor, he will ensure you are protected by the Act and assist in avoiding extra costs or project delays, by receiving all the necessary information one needs for the notifiable works before the project commences on site to the relevant areas.
For Building Owners and Neighbours (Adjoining Building Owners) alike, our Party Wall Services will include the following: Based in London and covering Wandsworth, Clapham, West Wickham, and Kent


The extent of works involved for above works is difficult to estimate however we note the services undertaken by the named/appointed Surveyor from Arc 3
1.00 Normally the adjoining owner’s surveyor’s fees are paid by the Building Owner. The crucial point to note is that the awards need to be published with the costs inserted in the appropriate section for the Building Owner to pay the cost
1.01 Arc 3 will undertake an initial appraisal with discussions and agreement on details and crystallise the appointment under Section 10 of the Party Wall etc. Act. 1996 
1.02 We will review/serve appropriate notices which normally are covered under section 1, 2 or 6 of the Party Wall Act
1.03 Agree the 3rd Surveyor as required under the Party Wall etc. Act. 1996
1.04 We will carry out a ‘Schedule of Condition’ of the adjoining owner’s property. The property is normally inspected by both Party Wall Surveyors or by the ‘Agreed Joint Party Wall Surveyor’
1.05 Review and Publish Award
1.06 Monitor and make one or two site visits as appropriate
1.07 inal inspection to check ‘Schedule of Condition’ and sign off Awards
1.08 General Telephone calls and other communications
1.09 Evaluate quantum or price for works
1.10 Specialist consultants will be appointed on the owner’s behalf when and where appropriate


Subject to the proposals under sections 1, 2 and/or 6 of the Party Wall etc. Act 1996, the works may place a duty on the Building Owner to provide a written notification to the neighbours (Adjoining Owners), at least one month (two months for section 2) prior to the start on site. Building Owner undertaking the work is normally liable to pay the adjoining owners surveyors costs which could range from £500 to £3750 or more per surveyor subject to the complexity of matters. Further advice will be provided if requested, once the notices are served and drawings and proper documentation provided.
The normal questions ‘Owners’ will have are:
  • What is a party wall?
  • What do I have to do?
  • The Party Wall etc. Act
  • What if there's a dispute
  • What is covered by the Party Wall etc. Act 1996
  • Why should I use a party wall surveyor?  Example


Firstly it is a member of the world recognised Chartered Organisation known as RICS - Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors. As members of the RICS:
  1. Arc 3 will give you clear, impartial and expert advice
  2. Arc 3 will protect your interest via the correct administration of the legal process
  3. Arc 3 are tightly regulated and have strict codes of conduct to protect you - including proper insurance
  4. Arc 3 are RICS members, who have to update their skills and knowledge throughout their careers, to rely on their expertise
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