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As Architectural Consultants and chartered architects with considerable experience, we will design the scheme and crystallise the intentions of the client and demonstrate with creativity, the added spaces we would have created, in bringing a higher quality and better use of space in a user friendly and cost effective environment. Creating space is not enough, creating quality space with natural light and allowing enhanced functional use, is the achievement, Arc 3 strive to encompass by smarter design.
We want the occupiers to enjoy the new and remodelled spaces with good aesthetics, creatively and sympathetically addressed in the existing surroundings. Our role is to maximise and exploit the potential of an existing building or site, completing each project to its full potential. Being Architects and Surveyors gives us a better understanding in achieving best value. This combination of good holistic advice at an early stage and what is achievable and practical for the client, brings Arc 3 ahead of other firms.
Most clients wish is to incorporate more light and make use of redundant spaces in their properties. Our initial design strategy of preparing three schemes with examples of previous works or sketches of the possible spatial design, gives the client an early insight into the possibilities, previously not considered nor imagined, but suddenly becoming a reality and a dream come true. This design philosophy and suggestions of materials, tendering, nominating contractors and giving a complete RIBA Service from RIBA Plan of Work stages ‘C to L’ gives the client peace of mind.

We are based in London and cover Wandsworth, Clapham, West Wickham, and Kent


An Architect’s arena is the world of space. We recognise the paramount importance of light as the reveller of space and an invitation to explore new avenues and ideas with the use of creativity, style, innovation, and flair. Obviously, we will also discuss best value or, in other words, the cost/benefit equation with you, when you feel this is the appropriate time.
Due to the various factors and context of this new project (These may be part remodelling and part demolition of the existing property, which includes a conversion and extension project or a total demolition and rebuild, within the existing parameters, which may include other project possibilities), we as Architects are invited to find a precise and exquisite relationship between the built environment, natural topography, and the physical context. We at ARC 3 strive to design buildings that respond to that context and especially the green issues and energy saving construction methodology. Providing innovative design solutions that respond to project goals are the key to the success of our firm. Our commitment is to focus on clear communication with a pro-active service; this forms the firm foundations of our Architectural Service. Our vast experience has shown that the extent of our involvement in a project bears a direct relationship to its successful outcome. We firmly believe that the foundations of any successful project are a shared vision and Client/Architect teamwork. We define objectives and respond with creative Architectural schemes that derive good designs and incorporates maximum value from the most practical and available resource both in quality of life and financial matters. Our mission is to address problems and achieve solutions, diligently. The secret of successful Architecture is in creating opportunities for people to inhabit and enjoy the spaces we create. Working in a cutting edge environment, which we have created for our firms three offices, makes us feel good, think more creatively and work more productively which ultimately results in direct benefit for our Clients. These high aspirations in meeting clients expectations and endeavouring to beat them, has been cherished by both existing and new clients which has allowed us to, not only survive, but expand the firm in these turbulent and uncertain economic times.
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